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Online Health Care Degrees encompasses studies in the management, treatment and prevention of illness, or the rise thereof, in the community. Connected professions include the medical sciences, pharmaceutical, dental, nursing laboratory/ clinical science as well as allied HC- professions (these are clinical HC professions distinct from those aforementioned e.g. professions such as radiology, abortion, midwifery, massage etc). Allied HC professionals work in a health care team to make the health care system function.

Modern HC industry

Health care careers are on the rise. The baby-boomer generation from the 40’s through the 60’s (some 80 million+ individuals in North America alone) are now getting older, and the added requirement to provide health care for a booming population has caused the HC profession to skyrocket into one of the largest and most vital of service industries. Such is the importance of HC to the world today (with health related issues increasing in numbers with old age) that many related qualifications require less than a year to attain- as compared to a few decades ago when health care education took years to complete.

Online HC education

Mature students and professionals wishing to undertake education and training in any of the fields in HC today have a host of options when it comes to learning online while juggling their families and jobs. There are over 5000 degrees, associate degrees and certifications (accredited) for allied HC professions now available online from some of the 2000 institutions that Health care education online. Allied HC education is also the most popular field of education pursued online as well, with many professionals using such courses to attain CME credits or to diversify their practice portfolios.

Web 2.0 and podcast for online healthcare (1)

Online healthcare education is now being delivered using the following means;

Web 2.0 basically means the modern internet, where students can interact with the information and other people, i.e. through blogs, webcasts, web-desktop and social networking sites (like facebook).

Podcasts are basically a way of broadcasting/ distributing information to multiple users through the means of video/ audio files and electronic copies of documents or slides which are usable on mp3/mp3-video players (not necessarily iPods as the term may suggest).

The Podcasts and Web2.0 based (blogs or RSS feeds) methods can be use to record audio-visual lectures or digital instructions of any kind and can be distributed both manually and automatically to a cell phone, PC, MP3 Player or laptop with as little hassle as possible; these lectures will allow students the luxury to go to work, attend to personal details of even relax and take time off, while still being able to progress in their coursework easily.


Podcasting and web 2.0 implications for healthcare. Lecture by Dr. Rodney B Murray

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